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    About Us

    Shannon Adams

    Shannon Adams has been in SEO and online marketing for the past 5 years. He has a degree in Marketing and Management from the University of Phoenix. His moto is “Keep On Swimming”

    Jane Blue
    Vice President
    Jack Dowson
    Account Management

    Jack provides account management and research to ensure our campaigns are running smoothly and efficiently.

    What Makes Us Different

    Our team has been in the online marketing business for over 5 years. We use a process that helps build a companies brand, reputation and social presence at the same time we optimize the website. These are indicators and items the major search engines look for.

    First Step

    We start by analyzing your current website and making adjustments to help your website perform better with on page optimization techniques.

    Second Step

    The second step is starting to build a brand network that supports building your reputation and your off page optimization program.

    Third Step

    We build high quality industry related links through content marketing to your website and your brand network.

    Reviews & Ratings

    Majestic Warrior is building a name and reputation on quality. We provide quality graphics work and quality content marketing. Our team focuses on building lasting properties for our clients which our customers have learned to love our products and services.