We Design Conversion Friendly Websites

At Majestic Warrior, one of our main goals is to bring you more customers, higher conversion rates, and more sales. But how are we going to accomplish these? The answer is simple: We will make YOUR website conversion-friendly to make the most of your resources. If we need to add some images, call to actions or just making sure your phone number is in the correct places, we will take care of it. We want to know what your goals and expectations are in order to help you align your marketing program with your business needs.

Your Website should be accurate, self-explanatory, and assertive

Your website must have ZERO unclear messages, ambiguities, or any instances that may warrant guesswork for your visitors. They should be able to take one look at your site (and all its pages) and find the information they need. In case the information isn’t instantly there, they should be able to quickly and easily navigate the site to achieve that information.

How We Help to Achieve This

We are here to provide a “guide” for your visitors throughout their entire user experience. We will take measures to ensure that their time on the site is as effortless as possible, from start to finish.

We will help you make them UNDERSTAND what it is that you are selling, and — more importantly — why it is better than what the competitors are selling. We will make their experience seamless, from browsing through your offerings until they complete a purchase or an action at the end.

Give Your Visitors What They Want

It’s plain and simple. Every element of your website must be centered around your customers, and in an effective manner. From messaging to navigation to calls to action, customers must be satisfied with their experience.

Providing them with the right information in the right places (on your website) at the right time can help improve sales proactively. Plus, they will appreciate having such a convenient experience on your site.

They can become returning customers in the long run, and may even refer you to their network of friends and relatives.

What We Do:

We will modify your web design to include straightforward registration (and log-in) processes, simple checkout procedures, easy and helpful comparisons of products or services, and a feature providing detailed information on your business.

It will also serve you well to have a dedicated area on your site where they can view REAL, UNBIASED testimonials or reviews from previous customers.

We will help you place appropriate links to relevant or related information, quick links to FAQs, as well as your business’ official contact information.

All of these principles matter when it comes to your visitors’ purchasing and shopping decisions. By making sure that your website is conversion-friendly, you get better conversion rates, retain your customers, make more sales, and ultimately bring in more business for your enterprise to flourish and grow.