Does Your Current Website Need to Be Optimized?

Websites need to be optimized for search engines and this is what SEO is all about. It involves different techniques that are used to help search engines recognize legitimate and credible websites from a pool of millions. Doing so, the search engines are able to deliver the best and highly-relevant search results to searchers across a wide array of subjects.

We Are On Page Optimization Experts

We know and understand how to optimize your website properly and go through each target page creating proper titles, headings, internal links, descriptions and check your websites keyword density. We use software and tools to check your websites structure and performance.

We Help Websites Avoid Over-optimization

With Google its all about the keywords, but at the same time it’s not. Having the same keyword phrase in your title, url and headers can lead to an over-optimization penalty. We help you avoid that. We use proper headings that are using similar or semantic keyword phrases to attract attention and avoid over optimization.

What is On-Page SEO?

A multitude of processes go into a full-blown SEO plan and one of these processes is called on-page SEO. Basically, its objective is to optimize the website from within. This means developing, designing, and tweaking each landing page to ensure they are informative and functional.

Aside from providing more valuable data to online visitors, websites that have been internally optimized are able to achieve a higher ranking across the search engines thereby generating more traffic overtime. This also helps improve site credibility and brand authority.

Aside from the content on the page, our on-page SEO services also focus on the HTML source codes used during the development phase. What can you expect from a highly-optimized website? There are different points of reference that you should be mindful of when it comes to search engine optimization.

Ideally, an optimized website will be able to satisfy multiple functions namely:

  • Hyper-relevance to a specific subject matter
  • Specifies subject several times throughout the published content
  • Includes subject in URL, title tag, and image alt text
  • Provides unique, informative, and valuable subject matter content
  • Links back to category, sub-category, and home pages

Why Use Majestic Warrior For Your Website Optimization?

What are the components of optimized website pages?

When we optimize your existing website, you can expect it to have the following features ensuring that you will be visible across search engines and achieve a significant ranking increase:

  • Proper text formatting and tagging
  • Optimized page and content titles
  • Optimized page and content descriptions
  • Optimized URL structures
  • Optimized internal (page to page) links
  • User-friendly navigational components like site maps, breadcrumbs
  • Optimized images and accompanying tags
  • User-friendly pages including 404 (error) page
  • Efficient, fast-loading pages
  • Google Authorship verification for pages
  • Fresh, valuable, and unique content
  • Strong external links (This is an Off Page SEO Program)

We also touched on many of the components of on page optimization under website design. All of our websites are built with on page optimization.

Our team has been working in the online marketing industry for years and thereby possesses a significant amount of knowledge on SEO and other web services aimed to help your brand achieve a high level of awareness online.

We work by analyzing your website for problem areas. We then customize a strategy that will suit your needs and satisfy your primary business objectives. We ensure that the professionals working on your account are invested in assisting you in building your online reputation and strengthen your presence without fail.

What on-page factors need the most attention?

Generally, when a website is brought to us for the first time we notice many areas that need improvement or can be improved upon. (Although, more and more developers are starting to understand the importance and learning how to add on-page optimization to their web design projects.) In most cases some of the areas that we look at are:
  • Meta Data 5 Components
    • Title Tag ( Page Titles)
    • Meta Description (Page Description)
    • Header Tags
    • Alt Tags on Images
    • URL Structure
  • Internal Linking
  • Silo Structure (Simple & Complex)
  • Blog
  • Branded Network
  • Page content – Search engines are known to assess websites based heavily on the content that they offer. Since searchers have the primary purpose of finding relevant information online, it is good for your website to have top-quality and frequently replenished content. Good online content actually means that it should not only meet a particular demand but should be linkable or shareable as well. When it comes to the demand factor, basically, you need to focus on providing the kind of information that people are looking for. As you assess your brand and offerings, study your market and figure out what it is they are interested in.
  • Proper URL Structure – It is also important for URLs to be arranged in such a way that it presents the right informational hierarchy much like breadcrumbs on a site. By organizing a URL like this – – search engines will have an easier time indexing it because they can determine what it is about. Search Engines have gotten smarter over the years and can now read your title and content to learn what the page is about. So shorter URLs can actually be better to avoid over optimization.