World-Class Responsive Web Design & Development

Are You Looking for a New Responsive Website to be Designed For Your Company?

Majestic Warrior has always kept up with web design trends and a Responsive Web Design (RWD) allows a website to maximize its potential by providing the best viewing experience on all devices. Google has stressed the importance of user experience and providing results to searches that meet their search criteria. More and more users are using mobile devices to search for local businesses and information and mobile search has surpassed desktop searches. So having a responsive website creates a positive user experience and Google wants positive user experiences.

What separates us from many of our competitors?

The problem with this trend is the variability of mobile devices. Mobile devices are more manifold and diverse both when it comes to sizes and viewing features, unlike laptops and desktops that are more uniform in size. Moreover, Google’s Mobilegeddon update now penalizes websites that are not optimized for mobile use. So unless you want to drop from the ranks and lose lots of PageRank points, you will apply Responsive Web Design to proactively solve the problem without requiring too much development and maintenance cost.

What are the challenges involved in using RWD?

We want to stay transparent in explaining this approach, so we want you to know the possible challenges that you might experience with it. First, RWD might need to be regularly maintained to keep up with the updates of server-side components and mobile phones screens. This can cost a lot of money for websites that have more complex layouts and interactive designs, as well as those that have lots of multimedia elements in their landing pages.

Second, although a website’s design can be turned fluid by using RWD, the same cannot be said for many uncontrolled factors, such as banner display ads and videos. This makes some bloggers who heavily rely on online advertising schemes for their income reluctant about using RWD at first.

Some ads and videos may not be able to adjust based on the viewing environment, although this is becoming less of a problem due to the huge demand for fluid content. Your website is your first impression or digital handshake with a potential new customer. You want to make a good impression right away with them. Our team understands proper layout of a website in order to convert that traffic into new clients for your business.

One of the more important aspects of web design that is overlooked by many developers is proper planning of categories or silos for your website. Every single business has several key core silos for their business and when your website is being designed, it is important to understand these silos in order to create a entire silo website which will make your site more authoritative.