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    Google, Yahoo & Bing Local Map Optimization

    Do you know that more traffic can exist for a local business using local optimization? What is local optimization and just how does it work? More to the point, how can optimization provide you with more traffic?

    A recent study done by Chitika released new data in regards to local search. They found that 24% of Google’s search queries has local intent. Nowadays having a local business in the search engine maps continues to grow. Whether or not you have any virtual presence or otherwise, being indexed by local maps can provide significant benefit in driving local buyers to your business place. All major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing offer you local map listing options, and listing to every of them is actually important to gain in exposure for your business. Based on, approximately nearly 300 million people use Google every single day and Google logs nearly 2 billion searches each day.





    Why Choose Us?

    Why Use Our Team For Local Places

    It has become even more important to promote your business in Google Places for a local business. Our team knows and understands what it takes to help promote your website in Google Places.

    Local Places Optimization

    We have many websites we have helped obtain placement in the Google Local Places snack pack. Some of these are competitive niches in competitive markets. We can help you too.

    Recent Changes

    Recently Google changed from the 7 pack to what is now called the Snack Pack, which is 3 listings in the local maps. This change has made it even more important to use a company that understand the importance of Google Local Maps.

    “What We Do”

    Majestic Warrior understands the importance of having your business displayed on local maps. We will analyze and build out your current Google, Yahoo & maps listings. To get the best results there are many factors that will help your local maps placement. The areas that determine your local maps rankings are: citations, on-page optimization, good local SEO, brand marketing, links to your citations, directories and social signals. Your SEO (search engine optimization) program will also help with your local maps placement. Local SEO and Local Maps Optimization now work hand-in-hand with our local search engine optimization programs. It is not uncommon to see a business ranking in both the local places and in the organic section of Google searches. 


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    The Majestic Warrior team provides high quality local places and maps optimization to help your website stand out over your competitors. Local Places is part of good On-Page optimization, Local SEO, citation building and link building. Learn more about our Local SEO services


    The history of Google places over the past 7 years and why it is important to use a company that is high quality and professional to help with local SEO and local maps. We have been providing local maps optimization and local search engine optimization for the past 7 years.

    How To - Local Places Optimization

    You can find some tips and ideas on how you can help your business stand out in local places for the major search engines.

    Contact Us For Maps Optimization

    We implement these strategies to help promote your local maps optimization program. There are different packages available that can help you and your business in just a few months depending on the competitive niche and city. Contact our team today,