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    Affordable Website Design by MajesticWarrior

    Welcome to Majestic Warrior Web Design and thank you for considering us for your web design project. You will find that we are the right choice for your next website project. If you are looking for a custom website design, template design, landing page or even a micro site, we can tailor a design to your target market and niche. Web design is not just about creating a visually appealing website that looks nice, but it needs to effectively represent your company and your message. When we design or a re-design a website, we put an emphasis on your brand and services you are providing. Your brand and unique selling proposition is what helps your company stand out among your competitors. This also helps you convert more visitors into customers with a clear and proper call to action.


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    Why Choose Us?

    Fully Responsive Web Design

    All of our new sites, no matter what the coding platform used, is designed to be responsive and work on any device your customers may be using. Having a website that works on all devices and platforms has the ability to keep users on your website longer and with the right call to action turn into new customers.

    Affordable Solutions

    We provide affordable website design solutions that are visually appealing and designed to help you convert more visitors into customers. As part of our affordable solutions we look for opportunities to increase your websites productivity.

    On Page Optimization

    Our sites are designed to be friendly for both visitors and search engines. We use the most recent on page optimization friendly techniques to design your website. People who come to your website want easy to read web pages and not a complicated website to navigate.

    What separates us from many of our competitors?

    When we design a custom website or a template website our end goals are creating an aesthetically appealing website, that is easy to navigate, highlights the most important silos of your business, creates a positive user experience and is search engine friendly. There is a lot to be said about a search engine optimized website that can help you with all the rest of your online marketing campaigns from Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and Maps Optimization. Recent changes with Google only displays about 55-60 characters of your page title tag and about 160 characters for your page description. We also create a good interlinking structure of your website to provide a consistent flow from one page to another. These are just a few areas that help enhance your websites on page optimization. We have designed sites for home improvement, medical, legal, auto, education and jewelry. These are some of our focus areas, but we can design in any industry.

    Your website is your first impression or digital handshake with a potential new customer. You want to make a good impression right away with them. Our team understands proper layout of a website in order to convert that traffic into new clients for your business.

    One of the more important aspects of web design that is overlooked by many developers is proper planning of categories or silos for your website. Every single business has several key core silos for their business and when your website is being designed, it is important to understand these silos in order to create a entire silo website which will make your site more authoritative.


    Web Design Do’s

    • Create a solid page structure – this helps users to be able to scan and read your webpage effectively and in a timely manner
    • Consistent Page Structure – Keep a consistent internal page structure/layout between pages
    • 1 Page 1 Topic – Keep the page flowing and focus on 1 topic of the page. There can be subtopics, but subtopics are used to re-inforce the main topic
    • Navigation – Have an easy to understand navigation menu that discusses important topics/services the user may need
    • Name, Address, Phone # (NAP) – Display your name, address and phone number several places through out the website. Especially in the top right hand corner of each page. 
    • Call to Action – Use a clear call to action to get visitors to convert into customers when they are on your website.
    • Brand – Highlight your brand and your message through out your content and webpages
    • Color Scheme – Choose a color scheme that works for your target audience. For example – Medical websites usually requires a softer more elegant color scheme and a plumber or attorney may use darker and more bold colors. 


    Areas To Avoid When Designing a Website

    • Avoid Music and Auto Play Videos – Unexpected music/sound spewing forth from ones PC can be very annoying and potentially cause problems.
    • Avoid Blocks of Content – Don’t write huge blocks of content that are not broken up with headings, images or spaces to keep the visitor engaged. 
    • Don’t Keyword Stuff – There is no reason to repeat your target keywords over and over again. There is no value to a visitor to see keywords in a page repeated over and over again. Like webs design Phoenix, web design Scottsdale etc. 
    • Avoid Too Many Colors – Keep your color scheme simple with a few colors to highlight specific areas of your website.
    • Avoid Unclear Messages – Make sure your message is clear. We provide web design and want to design you a new affordable website that is responsive and will help you gain more customers.


    Our Website Portfolio

    Related Web Design Services

    Responsive Websites

    A responsive website works on all platforms where your customer or client will be looking for your business. This could be smart phones, tablets or desktops. Google has made it very clear the importance of a mobile friendly website and is not part of their core algorithm. Learn more about responsive designs.

    SEO Optimized

    On page SEO optimized websites has become an art and understanding this process is one area that separates Majestic Warrior apart from many competitors. Learn more about SEO optimized sites and silos here.

    Web Design Cost

    There are many variables that effect the cost of the web design project. Some of the biggest factors is the size of the site, how many pages, are we writing the content, graphics and if it is a silo site or standard website. Learn more about some of our web design costs.

    What You Can Expect From Our Team

    • Custom or Template Web Design
    • Visually Appealing Website
    • Easy Functionality
    • Search Engine Optimized Website
    • Fast Load Times
    • PHP
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Java Script
    • WordPress
    • Joomla
    • We do not do Flash Websites
    • Content Management System (CMS System)

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