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    What Effects The Cost to Design a Website

    At Majestic Warrior, we boast of years of relevant and effective online marketing experience. Being in the business for a significant time, we have discovered effective and efficient methods to promote various industries in the ever-competitive online space. There are many variables that can determine what the final price is going to be for our customers. One of our goals is to try and offer our clients web design solutions that are affordable and make sense for their business. For example: a re-design of a website may be less than that of a brand new website because the content is already there and provided.



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    Why Choose Us?

    What Are Your Needs

    We listen to your needs and what you want. When we have our consultation we learn about your business and your competitors and what you are looking for to determine your website marketing needs.

    How We Help Your Business

    Based on our initial findings and needs analysis we design a program that will not only fit your budget, but will also fit your needs. We grow with your business.

    Why Our Customers Love Us!

    We provide real results and we do what we say we are going to do. We provide cutting edge solutions to your online marketing needs to help your website and your company grow.

    We can help you optimize your website for search engines, enabling it to earn a higher ranking and gain more visibility over time. We will assess your website and see where the necessary changes should be applied. We will create a specific optimization strategy on your behalf based on your needs and objectives and we will also assist you with the development of quality links.

    In order to achieve this, we believe that we need to concentrate on developing your website’s design. A website is the online representation of your brand and by upping the quality of your website’s user experience, you can benefit from the generation of more traffic and conversions easily translating to a higher potential for sales. Your business can have a niche or it can have a broad audience. Whatever the case is, you need a highly-functional website.

    The development of a website is probably one of the services that you will invest the most amount of money in. This is because there are plenty of different components that go into a single web design project. It does not simply consist of the design element or content generation.


    What is included in the costs of a website?

    At Majestic Warrior, we charge a fairly reasonable amount for services including, but not limited to, strategy planning, design, programming, and testing for starters. Usually, the amount that you end up spending will depend on how many hours of professional work goes into the development and optimization of your website.

    Although business-purpose website development costs may vary depending on your needs and specifications, there are several costs which are quite general in nature and here they are:

    • Domain Name – Depending on the source, new domain names can cost roughly $10 per year.
    • Hosting Services – The average price for hosting services can be from $8/month up to $100/month depending on what you need. You can choose from dedicated, shared, or free hosting with the latter being the cheapest there is. But since you will be running a business page, having your own dedicated IP/Server is the best option to choose.
    • Information Architecture – This is probably the most vital element of the project hence the significant investment. It covers design, functionality, tool integration, programming, and the silo structure. There are 2 types of silo structures, simple and complex.
    • Shopping Cart Integration – This is a feature that is necessary for retail sites. You can capitalize on having a website but using it just like a store.
    • Website Content Development – You need fresh yet valuable content on your page and we will help you develop articles, images, videos, and other media to fill your site with.
    • How Many Pages – The larger the site is, the higher the cost. Each page on your website requires unique content and unique images that are tagged properly. Many of our clients provide their own content, but we still will have to optimize the content and the page. We can have our writers also write the content for you for an extra fee.
    • Premium Plugins Cost – Plugins can cost anywhere from $50-$200 for premium plugins that are needed to develop your website.
    • Information Gathering – This pertains to all lines of communication leading to your site’s developers. They need to know what you want and need to effectively design your company site.
    • Testing – Your website will be tested for bugs and functionality errors prior to the turnover.
    • Website-Managed Services – This can include further content development and maintenance, social media and other online advertising efforts, and so on.

    It is always best to work with a trustworthy professional when it comes to something like web design. Keep in mind that you are working to create an online identity for your business. This is why you want it to be the best possible reflection of your brand.

    Websites should be informational, engaging, user-friendly, and highly functional. Achieve all of these and you will not only gain a high search engine ranking and tons of traffic but you will also have the capacity to generate more lead conversions over time. Remember that better conversions mean more sales.


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